Student Power


我们为AG亚游集团官方网站最新举措感到自豪, Student Power.

初高中学生, from all subjects, will engage in project-based learning as they identify and research a local public policy issue of their choosing and then go about proposing their ideas to the relevant decision-makers. The grant includes funding to attend a local government meeting in action (eg: Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners or Miami-Dade School Board). 前几年的一个小样本主题包括对精神卫生服务的需求, vaping among teens, climate change, and cash bail.

Teachers will receive ongoing training and support throughout the year from The Education Fund Student Power team, 包括11月6日创意博览会-教师大会的工作坊.

For the 2021-22 school year, 10 Student Power projects will be funded throughout the county to include a $250 classroom/field trip grant and $250 teacher stipends. 该项目支持邀请演讲嘉宾, 包括民选官员和社区倡导者,以及更多的人进入课堂, live or via Zoom, 以及受邀参加《AG亚游集团官方网站》安排的作家会谈.

请联系Karen DeLeon kdeleon@educationfund.Org获取更多信息.

“通过这项倡议,我体验到了一种切实的赋权感,” stated a Student Power student.


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